Development Academy


Length of Program: Fall begins August 5th and ends on October 31st; Spring, March 24th to May 15th

Schedule: 6:00 – 7:15pm every Monday and Thursday.

Format: Individual technical training and small-sided games (SSGs) on Monday. Thursday SSGs and standard 4v4 games.

Coaching: Passionate Volunteer Coaches follow club curriculum with the help of experienced coaches and age group directors.

Location: Micro Fields; Joe Mack Campbell Park

Schedule for the first two weeks (the days of Aug. 5th, 8th, 13th, 15th) will include the following:

  • Parent orientation (you must attend at least one)
  • Coach training
  • Standard player training

Program Cost: $25 per month for the months of August, September, October, March, April & May. Training tops are included. If you or someone you know would like financial assistance, please reach out to us: [email protected]


Deadline is July 31st.

Register here for a single payment or 6 monthly payments totaling $150+ processing fees.


Register here for 2 payments of $75+ processing fees.

What is ARDA?

Arkansas Development Academy is a program tailored to u7-u8 players to develop crucial skills, principals of play and core values that are based on the Club’s philosophy in a fun and competitive environment. The 4v4 format is crucial to the development of confident, athletic and technical players so that they can play at their highest level. By adopting an academy style training where all players get the chance to compete and learn alongside players of all abilities, we can tailor each player’s journey to provide the appropriate amount of challenge and success. We highly recommend players continue playing in the City Stars soccer program as well as ARDA.


ARDA Myths and FAQs:

  • It’s not competitive!
    False. Any game played against an opponent is competitive.
  • My child won’t have a “team”!
    False. They will play on teams every week and learn the value of teamwork regardless of who they’re playing with.
  • My player is too good to train with lower players/teams.
    False. A well-designed training environment can benefit all players at all levels.
  • Do we not travel?
    No. At this age, travel can not only burn out players, but also parents. We encourage multisport and activity participation.
  • Are there goalkeepers?
    For the 4v4 format, there are no goalkeepers.
  • What equipment do we need?
    Cleats, shinguards, water and a size 3 soccer ball is all you’ll need!
  • Can I volunteer coach?
    Absolutely. We’re always looking for passionate parent coaches willing to learn! Just check the box in the mail sign-up.