About Us

Our Core Values & Principles


We strive for optimal performance in all areas of our club. This includes not only our coaches, but the volunteers, managers, trainers, administrators and other staff directly touching the development structure of our players.


Open and honest communication between staff, coaches, players, and parents is encouraged.


Display belief in our structure and understand that suggestions and innovative ideas are encouraged because we all share the same goal of developing great players.


All actions displayed to protect the team! The individual must adhere to the team structure.


We will demand a hard-working mentality stretching the limits of our players in everything that we do. We will train on the edge! Our players will tackle hard, win challenges in the air and play through the difficult parts of a match.


We will display sporting behavior in every aspect of competition and training. We will not question or yell at an official. We will not dive! We will be the first to tackle and the first player up! We will demand the highest level of respect for the game.

Why Join The Revolution?

Arkansas Revolution FC provides a positive environment for youth soccer players; guiding and inspiring them to reach their full potential as athletes, students and productive citizens.

Our mission to become the top soccer club in the state, region and country by developing players displaying technical, tactical, physiological and psychological skills at the ultimate level.

Are you ready to join the Revolution?

Our Leadership

Brian Dooley 2020 Sun Belt Coach of the Year

Director of Coaching: Brian Dooley

2020 Sun Belt Conference Coach of the Year
Coach Dooley has coached 10 players that have gone on to represent their home countries on national teams and four have played at the professional level.
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Clare Dunham
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Vice President
Tommy Westbrook
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Danny Kapales
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Bobby Lorimer
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Assist. Director of Coaching
Jacob Vickery
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Bill Summers
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Manager Liaison
Steven Spack
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Social Media
Derek McPike
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Board Member
Arturo Gonzales
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Board Member
Carl Heringer
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Board Member
Christina Garcia
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Board Member
Pam Haun
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Board Member
Risa Billing
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Our Executive Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month.

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